OPP: Lee Ann’s Kitchen Update

I have such a fun OPP to share with you today. (OPP= Other People’s Projects, btw.)

Lee Ann contacted me just over a month ago when she came across photos of my kitchen. If you are new here, here is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in:


And here is what it looked like after I painted the cabinets (pre-blog), painted the counters, installed open shelves (pre-blog, but I have a basic tutorial here), removed the bulky fluorescent lights, replaced all the appliances, and updated the window and pendant lighting:


It was that last post that Lee Ann stumbled onto when she realized that we have nearly the exact same kitchen layout. She emailed me asking a few questions, and told me that she had been undecided on what to do in her space for quite a while. From Lee Ann:

My husband was so floored that we have the same layout that he agreed we should copy just about all of it (hope you don’t mind! We love it!).  I’ve been looking at kitchen ideas for months but always see big, beautiful kitchens so it wasn’t helpful.  Seeing you do the dark cabinets confirmed what I’ve wanted all along!

I was so flattered that Lee Ann and her hubby liked my kitchen enough to replicate the look in their own space! Ready for the icing on the cake? Last week, I got a follow up message from Lee Ann, letting me know she had finished her kitchen makeover! AND she sent pictures! I seriously love hearing stories like this from readers, and ‘after’ pictures are the best. Without further ado, here are the before and after shots of Lee Ann’s kitchen makeover:

Lee Ann's Kitchen - Before

Lee Ann's Kitchen - After

Isn’t it crazy how similar our kitchens are laid out? Lee Ann chose to go with slightly different colors for her cabinets, but the same basic look, with similar sleek handles, open shelving, and a new pendant over the sink. I love how it turned out!

Thanks again for sharing, Lee Ann!

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