Other People’s Projects: Jamie & Jen’s Modern Kitchen Makeover

Sorry for the quietness here the past few days. The hub and I were both in a wedding over the weekend- two of our best friends got hitched and it was awesome! But I had limited internet access all weekend traveling through small town Nebraska. Anyway, I’m back at it tonight with an amazing project to share with you courtesy of my friend Jamie.

Perhaps you recall me talking about Jamie on this blog in the past? If not, you can read about his amazing bus scrolls, or read about our adventures in barn tear down from posts past.

Anyway, back on track. Jamie is one of the most creative people I know and always has a new project up his sleeve. Recently, he and his wife, Jen, completed a complete kitchen gut job and it could not have turned out better! The most amazing part is that they did it almost completely on their own. You know how I love DIY. Which is probably why Jamie and I are friends. :)

They invited us over for dinner last weekend and I was in total kitchen-envy!! But to appreciate the after, you have to start with the before.

The 70’s cabinets, parquet floor, and lovely tile counter-top could definitely stand an update.

And now for some instant gratification!

Doesn’t it look AMAZING!? There are so many awesome DIY projects in here that I hardly know where to start. Jen and Jamie purchased the new cabinets from Ikea (a 7 hour drive from here) and Jamie poured and installed the beautiful concrete counter-tops himself.

They also installed a galvanized metal wall with a functional and fun chalkboard calendar, updated the track lighting to recessed lights, installed hand-made pendant light fixtures (found on Etsy), and laid their own tile floor and back-splash. Plus probably a million other little things I’m leaving out. Oh and did you see the farmhouse sink and those amazing new appliances? (I happen to know that fridge took some extra work to fit in, but it was worth the effort.) Here are a few progress shots of the gut job:

And here are a few more detail shots of the space because I couldn’t leave without taking some of my own while Vera was running around like she owns the place. (All photos above are Jamie’s, btw.)

A huge amount of work went into this kitchen and I think the space looks so (so so) good. Great work guys and thanks for letting me share it!!



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  • Jamison Hiner

    Thanks Dawn for a great post, and for featuring our kitchen on your blog. Just wait for the next couple projects I have up my sleeve…..


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