Outfit of the Day: 35 weeks

ootd 35 weeks 2
Dress: Gap Maternity
Shoes: Hello Holiday

I’m officially at almost 38 weeks now (The doctor says any day now! Eeek!), but these photos are from back at 35. If you can’t tell, I’ve really been trying to document some of my maternity fashion with this pregnancy. Even though I’ve already gained more weight this time around, I feel more comfortable with the way I look than I did when I was pregnant the first time.

It may have something to do with that first pregnancy being more unexpected, but I think that as a normally fairly petite gal, I just wasn’t mentally prepared to feel as big and uncomfortable as I all-of-a-sudden did with that pregnancy. As a result, I took one photo a month during my pregnancy with Vera, and never actually shared them here on the blog. There are a couple of outfit posts like this and this, that I wrote in early prego days, and we took an obligatory maternity photo at 39 weeks (nothing like waiting till the last minute!), but towards the end especially, I wasn’t too comfortable showing off the bump.

This time though, I feel like an old pro and I really wanted to capture the creativity I feel when dressing everyday. Even in the simple outfits. It’s been a fun experience and not knowing if I’ll be doing this again ever (two kids might just be our max!), I love being able to look back at some of these outfits as I get bigger and bigger!

ootd 35 weeks 3

ootd 35 weeks

I’ve already talked here about my preference for dresses this time around, and here about my favorite shoes (like ever). So this might be my favorite outfit of the pregnancy. Yep. I’m calling it. Favorite prego outfit by far.

This dress has been a staple in my closet all spring and summer. I bought it at Gap Maternity shortly after finding out we were expecting and it was probably the best maternity investment I made. I’ve dressed it up with heals and a sweater, and dressed it down by rolling the sleeves into a tank style and pairing it with flip-flops. But usually I wear it in this exact combo, with my favorite shoes. I think I’ve gotten a compliment on it every single time.

The stretchy comfy fabric makes it easy to wear and great for the heat. But my favorite part (ironically the part that almost kept me from buying it when I just saw it on the rack) is the folded fabric detail on the side. Just that little bit of folding makes the dress so much more fitted to a big bump, but without making me feel like I’m squeezed into a skin-tight number that shows off every unflattering bump or line.

35 weeks

I have a few other dresses that are comfy, but feel more tent-like. So I appreciate that this one hugs back in under the bump. I always feel more put together in it than any other maternity dress I’ve worn. It’s been such a lifesaver to have a dress I can just throw on for any occasion and always feel great in.

Hope you’re having a great Monday!

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