Outfit of the Day: A Colorful Wedding

Ok, this post is actually from yesterday, but first I lost half my pictures, then when I recovered them, my links were all messed up. Then I realized the party I had invited you to wasn’t quite ready to go yet… whoops. So that invite will be coming again soon. You’re still invited. Just not yet. ;)  And then it was midnight so I had to call it a day and aim for a Tuesday post instead of Monday. The irony that this is supposed to be the first week on my new post schedule has not escaped me. Here’s hoping for better luck today.

Unfortunately I’m not getting around so great right now after having surgery to remove a screw in my foot last Thursday. (I talked more about that here if you’re curious.)

I’m feeling much better now than I was then though, so don’t feel too bad for me. Luckiyly, I also got a few pre-surgery outfit photos taken to share with you while I’m in recovery mode. Not that a surgical shoe isn’t fashionable…

This outfit is from last weekend, when some friends of ours tied the knot and we were in attendance. I picked up this beautiful blue dress at a Gap outlet on our way back from our recent St. Louis vacation. I wore it with nude wedges since it was already so bright,  and thanks to a loan from my new friend Laura, this amazing Campari Necklace was the cherry on top.

I paired it with some of my own pieces, earrings from Target and a few thrift store bangles, and the Renegade Cluster Bracelet, also on loan from Laura.

Overall, it was a beautiful day for a wedding and we took advantage by snapping a few pictures before the reception.

Ok, well that’s it. I hope you had a great Monday (and Tuesday)!



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