Outfit of the Day: A Weird Weekend

Sorry for the silent weekend. It’s been a strange one. For starters, Brett was actually home all weekend for the first time in a few months, since basketball season (he’s a high school coach) is over-with. So that was nice, and probably should have led to a very productive couple of days, but instead, we decided to be lazy as a family for a change!

So we weren’t very productive, but that’s ok. It’s been hard for me to stay motivated to finish projects because we are still in the midst of having new windows put in. Things are such a mess that it makes it hard for me to relax or concentrate. What was supposed to be a two day project has been going on for like two weeks now and I’m so ready to be done thinking about it!! It seems like one problem after another, but we’re hoping it will be wrapped up this week for good. It wouldn’t be nearly as big of an inconvenience, except that it’s in Vera’s room. Which means she has had to sleep in a pack and play for the past couple weeks. Which means we’re significantly throwing off her nighttime routine, which is never good.

Besides that, I’m actually at home with her right now, because (as the doctor confirmed this morning) she contracted RSV at daycare. So now we’re tasked with breathing treatments every 6 hours for the next week or two. And she HATES them. This should be fun.

On Saturday, we were laying around being lazy when we heard the strangest sound outside. Kind of like a rhythmic thump. This is where the weekend got very out of the ordinary. I watched out the window for a few minutes which led to maybe the weirdest sentence I’ve said in quite a while “Um, Brett, I think the neighbor kids is throwing knives into our fence.”

Whaaaaa? I know! Needless to say, Brett went and had a talk with this high-school-aged lad about throwing knives at other peoples property and the safety risks of playing with knives near a backyard that occasionally contains small children and pets. He suggested that perhaps if knife throwing was necessary, he put a board up and throw his knives across his own yard, and not at ours… Being a high school teacher, (not to mention huge) he’s good at intimidating children. Haha. The knife throwing stopped.

So after that little incident is when this outfit made it’s debut. Which was the first time I changed out of PJ’s all day. ha! I got to meet an old friend for dinner on Saturday night, and this is what I wore.

It’s my new sweater and I loved the bright citron stripes and the shoulder button details. I promptly changed back into PJ’s after dinner, so there’s a good chance I’ll have to bring this outfit back out for work very soon. Maybe even tomorrow! Hehe..

Ok, well enough rambling out of me. I hear a sick baby waking up in the next room. I hope you all had a great lazy weekend too!




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