Outfit of the Day: Anniversary Dress

So, even though Tuesday was our anniversary, the hub and I didn’t get to spend it together because he spent the last week as a sponsor for a school trip to Salt Lake City. Sad, I know. But happily, he is back home where he belongs now, and he brought presents with him!!

One of them was this dress from H&M and I just love it. He knows me too well! It’s been hot and humid here this week, so perfect dress weather. I paired it with my new favorite shoes from Urban and a work-appropriate cover up for the office today. The lightweight material and stretch waist are super comfortable. I can see this getting a lot of wear this summer. :)

Oh, and Vera’s wearing a cute little outfit that I picked up at a consignment sale a couple weeks ago. It was the same one I wrote about last year (see that here) and it was just as big this year. I didn’t make any large-item purchases this time, but did come home with an armload of new clothes for the beastlet. I have a problem saying no to baby clothes. I feel no need to work on that.


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