Outfit of the Day: Early Prego Photos

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T-shirt: Gap
Jacket: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: Hello Holiday

While uploading some other photos last week, I cam across these old pictures that I’d completely forgotten about. They were taken when I was still early prego, back in April, and probably about 20 weeks or so. I assure you that, at 32 weeks, I’m much much larger now. I’ll have photographic proof of that coming soon, but for now, I thought I’d go ahead and share these older ones as well.

Designing Dawn Campaign Nightstands-2

I have to take a second to say that these Seychelles Cayenne Sandals from Omaha’s own Hello Holiday are the best thing ever. Not to mention Megan and Sarah are super sweet and let me come pick them up the morning after I ordered them online (yay no shipping costs!) I couldn’t even wait a day to own them, I was so excited! The shoes remind me of a pair my mom owned when I was a little girl, and I think that’s really why I was drawn to them. They even came perfectly ‘aged’ in color so there wasn’t that awkward ‘too-new-too-white’ phase where you buy new shoes and feel like a second grader with new sneakers on the playground and everyone can tell you just got them. And then you’re afraid to scuff them because they’re too white but with just one little dirty scuff mark. You know, like that? Not these though. They have looked like I’ve always owned them since the day I took them out of the box, and I love that.

But seriously guys. I debated buying a pair for over a year and finally went for it. Now I’m debating buying them in a second color (Rose Gold is calling my name). If you’ve seen me at any point over the past several months, there’s a good chance it’s been in these shoes. I’ve worn them at least 3 days a week since I got them. Sometimes more than that. The most comfortable ever and oh so pretty. (It’s an added bonus that the closed toes hide my un-pedicured feet now that I can’t reach to paint them anymore.)

Designing Dawn Campaign Nightstands-3

As for the rest of this, what can I say. Comfort wins for me during pregnancy. Maternity jeans and stretchy t-shirts please. This particular shirt is too small to wear now, but for a couple of months there it’s longer length covered the bump well, even though it’s not maternity. Also, it’s too hot for jackets here now, but I do love a structured jacket to balance the bump. Having a straight line in the back/sides makes it at least a little more clear from afar that it’s all baby and all out front.

So anyway, that’s my look back to remind myself how far I’ve come in the last 12 weeks! Hope you’re having a good week so far.

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