Outfit of the Day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Welp, yesterday was my birthday. I’m officially in my upper twenties and feeling a little old to say I’m 27 now. Add in ‘married with a kid’ and it sounds even older, lol.

Every year for our birthday, Dania and I try to do something together to celebrate. Sometime we buy ourselves presents and say they’re from each other. Sometimes we exchange gifts the old-fashioned way. Sometimes we just go to dinner together. That’s what we did Friday night (Brett and I had a wedding to go to Saturday, so birthday celebrations were a day early this year), and here’s what I wore:

Friday, October 14, 2011 – Birthday Dinner!

Unfortunately, Brett was playing in a basketball tournament this weekend so couldn’t make it to dinner. It was just me, V, Dania and her husband, Chad. We decided on Olive Garden and it was delicious. I went with an outfit that made me feel bright and happy (you know, to counteract my oldness), and I actually even got a compliment from a stranger in the restroom. Night made. Oh and I don’t know why I’m not actually smiling in any of these pictures. I promise I’m not really that upset about 27.

Naturally since it was our twin-day, I must include Dania’s outfit as well! We only had an iPhone to take this, so excuse the quality, pretty please.

As for the birthday spoils, the hub really did spoil me this year. I got the one thing I’ve been wanting and hinting at for months- a new sewing machine!!

It’s not a fancy one, but is just what I wanted. Something I can figure out pretty easily I think. Nothing too tricky. Now I can do all those little DIY projects floating around in my head and then some. I can’t wait to start playing with it.

In addition to the sewing machine from Brett, Vera got me a pair of Chucks that I’ve had my eye on! What a great surprise!! I kind of expected a sewing machine, but had no idea V had been paying such close attention to my wish list. :) That little squeak is so crafty! They are a bit big (cut her some slack, the kid is only 7 months old), so I’ll have to do a quick exchange, but I think they’ll get a lot of wear for sure.

So that was my (our) birthday! Yay! Happy birthday Dania!! I love you! :)



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