Outfit of the Day: Fall Shopping

Sunday, September 18, 2011 – Shopping!

It’s been a rainy cold weekend here, following a cool fall week. I’ve naturally been taking advantage of the weather and wearing my new boots as often as possible. They are extremely comfortable and exactly what I was looking for. Speaking of comfortable, that was the main goal of this little ensemble. Like I said, rainy cold day. Perfect sweatshirt weather. Admittedly, I spent the majority of the day curled up in the basement wearing sweatpants with the hub and Vera, but not before a little morning shopping trip.

See, we have an exciting weekend coming up next week, with family pictures scheduled. I am so excited, and I’ve been on a scavenger hunt lately for the perfect family picture outfits for all of us. Finding baby clothes is the hardest part. Everyday play clothes and onesies are one thing, but when it comes to ‘fancy’ clothes, I’m not particularly into the cliché style that seems to be so prominent for baby girls. If it isn’t pink, it has something silly on it like a ballerina or little hearts. As if everyone’s biggest fear is that their daughter might be mistaken for a boy and to counter that, they dress them in flowers and unicorns. I can’t count how many pairs of boys jeans I’ve picked out just to make sure they don’t have a flower embroidered on the butt. It’s not that I try to dress Vera like a boy at all. It’s just that I prefer to dress her as a little person rather than a baby doll. I like to imagine myself wearing big versions of her clothes, to judge how silly they are. (Is that weird?) Sometimes I buy them anyway, but usually, if I wouldn’t wear it, I try to avoid it for her. And I wouldn’t be caught dead with a bumble bee on my backside… (I’d like to interject here and say that anything she’s ever been given as a gift, flowery or not, has been very gratefully worn. These are just my thoughts on actually spending money on things!) I’m getting off on a tangent though. I did actually find the perfect outfit for her this morning. I just had to find half of it in the boys section of baby gap. Haha.. oh well. Seriously though, if you don’t shop the boys section for your baby girl, you are missing out!

Back on track. While on my little hunt, I came across something for myself that I just couldn’t pass up. I’ve been obsessing over this bag (found on Pinterest) for a while now:

bag inspiration


Clearly, however, it does not fit into my budget. That is why I was excited to find this very similar Vieta bag at TJ Max for a very much more reasonable price of $30! Yep, big spender here. Or great bargain hunter!

Same color, same shape, same basic style, and my number one criteria of satchel style strap. Check marks across the board means that bag is now mine. AND it matches my boots perfectly. Maybe not quite as good as the original, but I still love it. This will be with me all season for sure.

This will have to be the end of my seasonal shopping for a little while I think. I feel like I’ve been going crazy in that arena over the past few weeks. (This antique shopping trip included.) There is just something about that crisp fall air that makes me want to change things up. In the house and in my closet. But at least I got some good staple pieces, and I can’t wait for our photos next week. Did I mention the girls taking them are a set of twins that I’ve known for years? Maybe I can talk them into a Tuesday feature?? We will see. More on pictures to come soon though. I promise! I just know they will turn out beautifully with these talented girls behind the lens.

Anyone else been going overboard with fall shopping? And moms of girls, do you get frustrated by the barrage of ‘girly’ outfits like me? Ever do the cross-over into the boy zone??



  • Lindsey

    My baby girl isnt here yet (shes due in November) but I have noticed that EVERY pair of girls jeans has been embelished with flowers or hearts or ruffles or something obnoxious!  I was wondering if they made “normal” baby girl jeans!  Guess not.  Shoot I should have saved my sons jeans…I guess its back to the boy section for plain jeans!

    I do however like the cutesy things that ONLY babys could get away wearing…like the ruffle butt leggings or the pj’s with a giant cupcake on the booty :)

    • Dawn Sailors

      I completely agree! I totally buy into some things like baby leggings and crazy hats, but a lot of it is just frilly cutsy stuff I can live without. Gap does have some normal jeans for baby girls, but I always think they are too expensive when I can just buy boys jeans at Target for less than half the price and she’ll only wear them a few times anyway. All about saving $$


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