Outfit of the Day: New Glasses


The last time I got new glasses, I was heading off to college. Those glasses served me well for about 10 years, but one week with Vera and they now look like this:

But I can’t really complain. Truth be told, I’ve been wanting new glasses for years and I didn’t do much to keep her away from them. ;) Their time was up and the prescription hadn’t been updated since I got them, so they were less than functional anyway. The new ones are much more sturdy. They are actually sunglasses frames, but I had them put regular lenses in. Yeah, you can do that.

As for the rest of the outfit, these are one of my favorite pair of shoes and I’ve had them for years. I got them at a Buckle warehouse sale about 9 years ago for something like $10 and I love the color and shape of them. What I don’t love is that I get a blister every time I wear them. :( Well you can’t have it all.

My new belt from the Gap matches them perfectly. A happy accident. I paired those pops of pink with neutrals in the rest of the outfit to keep it under control. Big glasses and pink shoes are enough of a statement for one day.

The hub told me my new glasses make me look like my boyfriend, Lebron. The white female version of course. I took it as a compliment.

Sooo… you like?


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