Outfit of the Day: On the Catwalk

The heat wave around here has subsided slightly so we’ve been trying to get a few walks in during the evenings when we can. Tonight we took a short walk around the block as a family, and when I say family, I mean the whole family. Yep, that’s right, we are now those people who walk their cat. Well, technically just me, since the hub refuses to hold the leash for fear of public ridicule. I have to admit, a 6’5” guy walking a cat on a leash would be quite the site. It’s my new mission to get a picture of that.

It was actually a recommendation from our vet after the week we’ve had with Lucious. He suggested that maybe our 18.6 lb boy could use a little more exercise than he gets from being a strictly indoor cat. Being that he doesn’t have claws, I don’t like the idea of just letting him outside to roam, so we bought him a harness and tried a walk.

I say tried because he was pretty nervous about it and mostly just did this:

So we put him into the stroller with Vera hoping that it would help him get a feel for the outdoors without being to overwhelming. And without him feeling the need to sniff every crack in the sidewalk along the way while I literally dragged him along.

He seemed to really enjoy it. Maybe next time he will be a little braver and actually try to walk on his own. If not, at least he fits well in the stroller with his sister!

Oh and as for the outfit (that’s what this is supposed to be about right?), keeping it weekend-simple with a cool cotton tank and jean cutoffs. This is my new favorite hat, both because I don’t have to do my hair when I wear it, and just because I like the look. It came from the men’s section of Target, but I’m not afraid to blur the gender lines when shopping if it’s something I really like. I’ll admit, I wore Brett’s clothes all the time while I was pregnant because they fit better and it was cheaper than buying a whole new maternity wardrobe, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who pulled that maneuver. Oh and in case you can’t tell from the photos above, I’m no longer a red-head. :)

Anyone else a cat-walker who shops in the men’s department? Just me?


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