Outfit of the Day: Photo progress

Its been a couple weeks since I did an outfit post. I prefer to take those pics outside, but when its dark when I leave for work and when I get home again, it makes finding picture time more difficult. So it may be back indoors for winter. At least on weekday looks. Luckily though, this one is from a few weeks ago when i still got to see daylight. Aren’t the leaves beautiful?

Also, I thought I’d take time out today to show some love to my amazing husband, Brett (aka Brettles, aka the hub, aka, Vera’s daddy). When I first started doing my outfit photos, I felt so self-conscious and awkward (and honestly, I sometimes still do. It can be hard to post put yourself out there). But having someone who has never been anything but supportive of me, my blog, and my reasons for doing this, has been an amazing boost to my confidence. Not to mention it’s way easier to have someone take a photo for you than to try to do it yourself. So what this post is really about is how my husband, a typical sport-loving, yard-mowing, weight-lifting man’s man has not only been graciously taking these little fashion photos for me for more than a year now, but has been getting so much better at it! You can see my first OOTD picture & post here, if you’re so inclined. Pretty good progress I’d say. What an amazing hub I have! Love you Brettles! :)

Fashion bloggers out there, I always wonder, who takes your photos?


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