Outfit of the Day: Rainbow Bright

March 26, 2012: To the office, and backyard playtime

These days, never do I ever buy clothes at full price. (Ok… rarely do I ever.) Too many house project expenses I guess. Plus I’m just cheap. But when I saw this multi-colored plaid top at Old Navy last week, I snatched it up as quick as my fingers could close. I am in love with the bright vivid colors and vintage plaid pattern, but the real reason I bought it has more to do with nostalgia than fashion.

See, I can remember my mother wearing this exact shirt in the summer time when I was growing up. Sure, it might have been actual flannel, or slightly off colored, or a tighter plaid, but I remember that shirt and to me, this is that shirt. It brings back memories of running through sprinklers, doing back flips off the monkey bars, and eating ice pops and egg salad sandwiches. I love this shirt.

I paired it with some classic blue canvas tennies and I WILL be wearing this outfit again. And again. All summer long. Not only did it put me in a good mood all day, but it was super relaxed and comfy too.

Have you ever bought or worn something just because it reminds you of being a kid? :)


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