Outfit of the Day: SATC2

I’ve been meaning to blog this one for a while, so I guess it’s about time. I was a huge fan of the original Sex and the City show, having probably watched every episode at lease twice, but I was equally excited and skeptical about the release of the SATC 2 movie. I say skeptical, because I thought the first movie was alright, but just alright. It seemed like the girls had fallen out of that naturalness during the television show when they didn’t even seem to be acting, they just were their characters. Instead, the first movie left me feeling like they were trying to act like they thought people expected their characters to act- in other words, over-acting. So despite enjoying the plot line, I had left the movie theater after the first movie feeling let down. Like I’d just visited an old friend I used to have fun with, only to find out that she had been faking it for all those years.

I’m happy to say though, that I enjoyed the second movie more than the first. It was kind of a flip-flop for me on this one. I thought the plot line was a little far-fetched and not as well-developed as the first movie, but the acting was much better, and by better I mean much more true to the original characters.

So after that long rant (just my opinion girls, I’m no movie critic), I’ll get to the real point of this post. What does one wear to go see Sex and the City? Well, stilettos, of course. But I was well aware of the frigid temperatures that movie theaters inevitably reach, so I opted for a favorite pair of boyfriend-fit jean capries and a soft cotton t, with a “girl next door” pony-tail. Overall, comfortable but cute was my goal. Success I think!

Thursday, May 27: Sex and the City 2 Premier with friends
  • Jeans: Buckle Warehouse Sale
  • T Shirt: Charlotte Russe
  • Necklace: Gifted
  • Heals: Famous Footwear (bought for my sister’s wedding!)

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