Outfit of the Day: The Hills Are Alive

One of my all-time absolute favorite movies will always be The Sound of Music. There is nothing better than hearing Julie Andrews belt out those famous lyrics while twirling on a mountain top, and it puts me in a great mood every time.

Last night The hub and I had the opportunity to see a live version of my favorite musical at our local theater and it was great! Although nothing will ever quite measure up to the original for me, the play was awesome, even if the theater was sweltering. Brett might have a different opinion of the awesomeness as he was checking his phone for the NBA finals score during every song. In his words, “I already know what’s going on so why can’t I take a break while they sing about it?” Typical man. Ha!

Anyway, I thought about going themed with a more country look, but decided on this outfit instead. This beautiful top is one that Brett bought for me a year or so ago while he was on a trip for work and I have strangely never worn it yet. We’ll blame the pregnancy. I do love it though. The combination of textures and fabrics is so unexpected and the flower appliques make it seem elegant but still comfortable. I didn’t get a good shot, but the satin ribbon ties in a bow behind the neck – so pretty. I decided to surprise him by wearing it on our date night. He has good taste, no? He said it “looked like a Dawn shirt” and I guess he knows me pretty well. :) Thanks love!

Sorry for the not-so-great photos. We snapped them quick and didn’t get our usual settings.. :| But anyway, here they are!

Sunday June 5: Theater with the hub, my sister and her husband

  • Tank: Gift – Garage (I think?)
  • Under tank: The Limited
  • Jeans: The Buckle
  • Earings: The Limited
  • Necklace: Gift
  • Shoes: Charlotte Russe

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