Outfit of the Day: Wishing for warmth

Sweater: American Eagle
Jeans: American Eagle
Flats: Frye
Earrings: Gift

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Blah, I’ve pretty much been MIA this past week, I know. Sorry about that. I have a few big things going down right now, that I’ll spill the beans on as soon as I can, but in the meantime, the blog is suffering.

Luckily, I just came across these photos that I apparently uploaded several months ago and never blogged about. It’s hard to get fashion posts (for me at least) in the winter because it gets dark so early. My photographer (the hub) is never home before sunset, and even if he was, I don’t like going out in the cold. Seriously, I rarely leave the house or my sweatpants from December to March if I don’t have to.

Like I said though, I found these old pics from the fall when it was still warmish and the sun was our friend, and thought I might as well share. The green grass, ballet flats (sans-socks!) and cropped jeans make me long (even more than usual) for spring and some warm weather for a change.



My mantra right now: “It will be warm again one day.”

Happy Friday, friends!

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