Outfit of the Day(s): The Jeans Era

I’ll start with something easy: My outfit of the day- or days in this case, until I get caught up.

Occasionally I take (or rather have the hub take) photos of my wardrobe. I am naturally an introvert and it has been somewhat difficult for me to get used to feeling ok about taking my own picture. I’m still trying to get over that, but I’ve moved past the “you’re so vain” line of thinking, because I think this little project I’ve been working on helps me in a lot of ways. I’ve found that I put a little more effort into looking good each day. I also have more confidence in my fashion sense and I like to see how my decisions, good and bad, look from a view other than above. I feel like for a while I was in a rut, rolling out of bed and off to work in the most comfortable thing, or quickest outfit that was presentable. Taking photos helps me to avoid that and motivates me to wear things in new ways.

When I plan an outfit (or shop) I like to find what I think are unique pieces or things that speak to me and put them together in my head with things I might already have. Sometimes I just pull random things off the rack and imagine where I would wear it or what I have that would compliment it. (I would wear this if…) If the scenario doesn’t fit my real life or needs, I try to avoid the purchase.

Anyway, here are a few of my recent outfits from early May, 2010. These are the final days of my relaxed dress code at work, so I was enjoying the end of the jeans era. Sad. I should note as I post this that, while I welcome comments and discussions, I like my style the way it is and am not really looking for advice or critical comments (constructive or otherwise). Feel free to check out Designing Dawn’s comment policy if you have something to say!

Saturday May 8: Dinner with family, then a Bachelorette Party!

  • Dress: Target (scissor-alteration)
  • Tights: Target
  • Sweater: Target (lots of Target items today)
  • Shoes: Charlotte Russe
  • Belt: Gordmans?
  • Earrings: Limited

Monday May 10: Work

  • Sweater: Express
  • Jeans: Buckle
  • Tank: Gifted
  • Necklace: Limited
  • Flats: Target

Tuesday May 11: Work & Company Dinner

  • Layering Tank: Limited
  • Pink Tank: Express
  • Sweater: Target
  • Jeans: Silver, Buckle Warehouse Sale
  • Bracelet: Limited?
  • Booties: DSW
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