Outfit of the Day: Memorial Weekend

I already posted this write up of our weekend, but I thought I’d go ahead and do an outfit post today as well

This outfit was from Saturday night (which I somehow left out of my weekend roundup- totally blanked it out) when we attended a high-school graduation party. We get invited to quite a few every year, since Brett’s a teacher and coach, but we usually don’t make it to very many- just because life gets busy. But for this one, a student and athlete, we had the night free and decided to go show our support.

It’s always tricky for me to decide what to wear when I know I’ll see Brett’s students. Usually I don’t think twice about picking out clothes, but this situation is different. I know I totally over-think it, but I want to look grown-up and appropriate for an authority figure’s wife, but still stylish. Not grandma-ish.

It was around 90° that night, so I went with shorts, but of a mid-thigh length. I wore them with a pretty flowered tank top that I scored from J.Crew’s clearance rack last fall for $7. I feel like anything from J.Crew looks grown up. It’s probably a mental thing because their price-point is higher than I usually spend on clothes. Anyway, I think the darker colors and patterns looked old enough so that no one would confuse me for a classmate- even in shorts and a tank top.

I also wore my oxfords and some new jewelry from Charming Charlie’s. Love this gold leafy charm bracelet! Oh, and it was much too humid to attempt to tame my mane, so I let the waves do their own wild thing.

So that’s it. An outfit from the long hot weekend. Did anyone else do fun stuff over Memorial Day? Do you ridiculously over-think outfits before you see your husband’s work-people?



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