Outfit(s) of the Day(s): Traveling

I’m going to double up on this one, and post a couple of the outfits I wore on our little trip. And I promise this will be the last vacation post. I’m starting to feel like that lady who won’t stop showing you her vacation pictures… or saying the word vacation. Two weeks later and I still can’t let it go. Sheesh. But this barely counts. Try to think of it as a fashion post instead of a vacation post. If it helps, I’ll replace the word ‘vacation’ with ‘closet’.

Anyway, I always have a hard time packing for a ‘closet’. I never know what kind of mood I’ll be in several days in advance, and usually I don’t plan well enough to know exactly what I’ll be doing or what the weather will be. It’s a recipe for over-packing, and I’m great at that. At least I always have my backup plan for forgotten or needed items: shopping!

Anyway, back to the outfits…

The above photos were from our second day of ‘closet’ when we toured the Denver nature and science museum and then drove up to Cheyenne. I wanted something casual and comfy for the car ride, but also stylish enough that I felt good going out in public. No traveling in sweatpants! (I save that for the ride home..)

So I picked out a casual tank top and dressed it up a little with my favorite lace vest. Paired with these new olive cargo shorts (scored them at Forever 21 on our 16th Street Mall shopping trip the night before!) I felt a little like I was going on safari, but in a good way.

And now for outfit number two:

This is what I wore on our third day of ‘closet’ when we went outlet shopping in Loveland. I wasn’t sure what the plan was for the day when I got dressed that morning. It was one of those crazy anything-goes type of ‘closet’ days. So I threw on a combo of casual and sophisticated with my white jeans paired with a color block t-shirt and sandals. I think white jeans instantly make you look dressier and simple thongs instantly make you look casual, so the two together canceled each other out. Plus I had no problem walking around the mall for hours in this. My only concern was the possibility of spilling ice-cream on my pants. White pants always make me feel a little over-cautious.

So there you have it. A few outfits from my ‘closet’. Hey that time it actually made sense. :)

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