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Outfit of the Day: 35 weeks

Dress: Gap Maternity Shoes: Hello Holiday I’m officially at almost 38 weeks now (The doctor says any day now! Eeek!), but these photos are from back at 35. If you can’t tell, I’ve really been trying to document some of my maternity fashion with this…

Outfit of the Day: 32 weeks

Tank: Gap Sweater: Thrifted Jeans: Old Navy Maternity Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters Once again, a little behind, as these photos are from week 32 and I’m almost at 37 now (what!?!) but I thought they were worth sharing anyway. I really liked this simple combo….

Outfit of the Day: Early Prego Photos

T-shirt: Gap Jacket: Gap Jeans: Old Navy Maternity Shoes: Hello Holiday While uploading some other photos last week, I cam across these old pictures that I’d completely forgotten about. They were taken when I was still early prego, back in April, and probably about 20…