Pimp my Furniture: Vintage Café Table

This has been a very busy week around here. Luckily after an intense week of six basketball games for the hub (high school coaching gets pretty crazy) he’s finally winding down, so I’m not feeling like a single parent this week. Between being a basketball widow, working full-time, getting ready for Vera’s birthday, running a blog, and getting ready for the branding presentation I’m giving for work next week, I’ve barely had time to think. But because I’m insane, I made a little time last weekend for another furniture project. :)

I bought a vintage café table from an antique store several months ago, and I’ve just been itching to update it. I loved the bright colors of similar tables I’d seen on the Urban Outfitters website, like this one for $119:

but my little makeover only cost me $28 for the table and another $10 for spray paint and primer.

Here’s what I started with:

It was beautiful, but a little dark for my taste. I sanded the whole thing down, and masked off the metal toe-tips. (I just made that term up. I have no idea what they’re actually called. It seemed appropriate.)

Then I gave the whole thing a good coat of spray primer.

Followed by three coats of bright red paint.

I have been wanting a bright red piece of furniture (to continue with my new red theme), and this little table is the perfect choice. But I thought the bright glossy red needed a little something to tone it down just a hair, so once all the paint was dry, I sanded the edges lightly and rubbed the whole thing down with one coat of dark stain.

It brought out the details beautifully, and took it right over the awesome line.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to walk in and see this everyday.

The whole thing was accomplished in two baby naps, so roughly three hours. The red totally brightens up the corner and makes me smile.

But now it’s making me itchy to update my new Louis style chair… hmm. Maybe soon. :)



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