Progress Report: Master Bedroom

With a couple extra days off over the holiday last weekend, I actually had time to catch up on my laundry. Which meant that our bedroom was looking more tidy than usual. Which led me to grab the camera for a few progress report pictures of this room.

As usual, I’ll start out with a few ‘before’ pictures so you can really appreciate the afters! Haha.

Phew. That’s a lot of flowery wallpaper and tissue-stuffed drapes. not to mention the stained carpet and full mirrored closet doors (which you can’t really see in these pictures, I guess). But we looked past those things and saw that it has pluses too. Like a good size, an attached master bath, and a walk in closet.

So even though we have a ways to go in this room before I’ll feel like it’s actually finished, it’s made big strides. Here it is today:

That’s a lot of pictures, but this is one of my favorite rooms. It’s also the one that really proves my longtime theory about Brett’s design style. Which boils down to ‘whatever you think, honey’. Haha, but seriously, how many men do you know who could really care less that their bedroom is purple? I’m a lucky lady. I do love it though. It’s bright, cozy and relaxing and we spend a lot of time snuggling here as a family. In fact, it really usually looks like this:

Here’s a breakdown of the have done’s and to do’s.

• Remove wallpaper
• Paint
• Carpet cleaning
• Decor

Still need to finish:
• Paint all trim
• New baseboards
• Replace ceiling light/fan
• Closet door solution (fix those mirrored doors)
• Finish furniture refinishing
• Replace carpet (someday)
• Master bathroom (that’s a whole other monster…)

So there you have it. A peak into our master bedroom. I feel so exposed! Ok, no more than usual, ha. Have a great weekend!



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