Offspring: V’s Purple Party

For Vera’s third birthday party, we definitely stuck with a theme, although it wasn’t quite the traditional cartoon character or day at the beach theme most people might expect. Instead, every time I asked her what she wanted for her birthday party, all she would say was “purple”. So with that limited direction from the girl the hour, we had just what she wanted:  a purple party.


It wasn’t a big affair. Just a small gathering of immediate family, but to say she was thrilled was an understatement. I let her pick out all the purple balloons and she was so darn proud of those things. We also had a purple cake, purple drinks, purple candy, and purple decorations. Maybe not the most exciting theme in the world, but look at this face:

designingdawn_vera's purple party

The actual food on the other hand, was planned by the hub, because, you know… he cares about things like that. Give me cake and I’m good to go, but apparently normal folks like to have “real food” in addition to dessert.

designingdawn_vera's purple party-3

designingdawn_vera's purple party-4

designingdawn_vera's purple party-5

One of my favorite things about the day was this little slide show I put together of all Vera’s monthly photos since birth. It was kind of amazing to see them in motion, and really get a sense of how much she’s grown up in three years.

designingdawn_vera's purple party-2

It was the first time Vera’s really been old enough to understand what a birthday party is all about, so she was a little unsure of the concept at first. Having just come off of the Christmas gift-giving season, she didn’t quite grasp that ALL the presents were for her. Instead, she picked out one little pink package and tried to give the rest to her cousins. It was kind of adorable and so sweet.

Once she put everything together though, and realized that she got to open them all, she went to town and had a ball.

designingdawn_vera's purple party-6

She had such a good time, and it was a pretty good time for the rest of us too. My brother, sister, and I even got this sibling photo to commemorate the day:

designingdawn_vera's purple party-7

Happy purple party Vera! Hope you all are having a lovely week so far. :)

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