Hey there! Here are some random things I’ve been looking at lately.

Tax on Internet Explorer 7
Any web designer will tell you what a pain in the rear it is to make a website work correctly and look good in IE7. It is the bane of our existence. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, basically you can use any of several browsers to get on the internet, but the internet doesn’t necessarily work or look the same in all of them. Although website designers try our best to ensure that every user has the same experience, IE7 and below are very difficult to work with. So a site could look awesome in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and be completely jacked up in Explorer. You can see where the headache starts.

That is why I laughed a lot when I read this article about an Australian company who is charging an Internet Explorer 7 tax on their products. Basically their reasoning is that it cost more to make their website IE7 compatible than all other browsers combined, so people who are using IE7 should have to help cover that cost. Awesome.

It’s not quite as mean as it sounds though. Their real goal is to encourage people to update to a more current browser, so most people won’t actually be paying any extra taxes. Even awesomer. (Another great article on this here.)

PS- if you are using IE7, you should stop it now. Do yourself a favor, download Firefox and start experiencing the web in a completely new light. :)

Omaha’s Rainbow
I discovered an article a few days ago that informed me that the Bemis Art Museum here in Omaha will be creating two actual rainbow’s a day for the rest of the summer. How awesome! They are doing it all with some high-tech weather software and mechanics and collecting the necessary H2O from rain water on the roof of the building. Pretty sweet right? There is even an app for your phone that tells you when the rainbows can be seen. You can click the title above to read more about it all. I think I’ll have to go visit.

Me on Sugarlips!
After posting pictures of my new dress, courtesy of Sugarlips Apparel, a few days ago, I was super excited to visit their site and see myself sporting the Let’s Rendezvous Dress! Woot! I feel like a model right now. ;)

Upcoming Surgery
Well, this isn’t exactly a fun one, but I found out last week that I will have to have another surgery to remove the screw that was put into my foot eight years ago. At that time I had a procedure to correct what’s called a juvenile bunion- which basically means the joint in my big toe was deformed and causing the toe to move out of place, and it was something that I had since I was a small child. To fix that, they had to break the joint and cut off the deformed bone growth, then pin the toe into place using a screw. Which is what you see in my x-ray up there.

It all sounds much more dramatic than it was, although at one point I did wake up during the surgery and could feel everything they were doing. So I guess maybe it was pretty dramatic. My (new) doctor assures me that I will not wake up mid-surgery this time around and that this procedure should be much less painful and less recovery time than the last one. Here’s hoping. :/ I haven’t scheduled the surgery yet, but I’m looking at early August after all our summer wedding and trip plans. I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We spent a lot of time outdoors with a BBQ Saturday and a trip to Dania’s temporary residence on the lake today. I’m beat and ready for a good night’s sleep. See you tomorrow!



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