Some new things and an old problem

I thought I’d expand on my brief post from a couple of weekends ago, because while packing up and moving tons of furniture and other things out of your parents house isn’t exactly fun, the perk of actually scoring a lot of it for my own home is worth the work!

We spent all day that Saturday sorting through years of collected items and deciding what was to be packed, trashed and donated. But that’s the boring part. What I came home with is the fun part. And here it is:

I’ve been anticipating this awesome China cabinet for months. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen the barrage of cabinet pins I’ve been collecting as inspiration. It’s not in great shape and it’s also not an heirloom, which in my book means its fair game for a coat of bright paint and whatever else I can dream up. Yippee! I already have some awesome ideas in mind.

As an awesome bonus, the cabinet also came with some actual heirlooms, in the form of my grandmother’s china. So pretty. I can’t wait to have it all finished and on display.

That was the biggest piece we brought back, (we’ll be making another trip soon for more) but I also got a new (one year old) Christmas tree which I was psyched about since I didn’t complete my black Friday goal of finding one this year. Besides that, there was a collection of bake-ware, some vintage dishes and other pieces, and miscellaneous art supplies and high school memorabilia.

I also brought home these very fun drawer pulls which I found and bought for my bedroom when I was in high school. They’re all different shapes and bright colors, and I’ve always thought they were so unique and they will fit perfectly in Vera’s room.

Then of course just random things like throw pillows, which ill recover, and blankets, including this beautiful quilt my great-grandmother made.

Oh and a new office chair, as well as a few storage shelves, because you can never be too organized.

So that’s that. Now I just need to find a new home for all thus stuff! So what’s the problem you ask? Well let’s zoom out on that last photo for a minute:

Yes, between being gone on weekends, having a sick baby, and getting a bunch of new stuff to find places for, it’s fair to say that my old nemesis, laundry, has once again taken over the house.

So it looks like I’ve got plenty of cleaning up to do and lots of new things to find space for. But also lots of fun ideas for my new loot! Unfortunately I’ve made myself promise not to work on anything else until this disaster zone gets under control. Boo. Well better hop to. Happy weekend!


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  • Hilary Foster

    Love the new/old stuff!  Can’t wait to see the China cabinet after you give it a few treatments! 

    • Dawn Sailors

      I’m glad to hear you say that, because I may have to recruit you to help me with it!! :D


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