Street of Dreams: Bedrooms & Bonus Rooms

Right off the bat I should warn you that there are a LOT of pictures in this post. But if you’re like me, that’s a good thing. You know, after the page finally loads.

Continuing on the Street of Dreams home tour from this year, (see exteriors and living rooms here), let’s move on to bedrooms and bonus rooms! Yay! Oh I should clarify that by ‘bonus’ I mean any room that doesn’t fit into another category. So mud rooms, offices, play rooms, etc. Now let’s get started with bedrooms.

I will show off the kid bedrooms next, so this category is for big-people bedrooms mainly. Master and guest rooms included. There were a few that I thought could go either way, as far as big or kid, but I’ll let you be the judge. Here are my favorites, followed by a gallery of the rest of them. Just like last time, clicking on any thumbnail will pop up a full size slide show of the rest of the photos for your viewing pleasure. :)

Aren’t they amazing? I was in love with the light/fan combo above the floating bedside tables in one of the bedrooms in the gallery above. I couldn’t get a great shot of it, or it would have made my favorites, but it was awesome. Did you notice the dear-head theme? It kind of made me want a white ceramic animal over my bed. Just a little.

Now wait till you see some of these kids rooms. One thing I appreciated on the tour was that even though these were mansions (no doubt about it) several of the bedrooms were quite small. And by small, I mean in comparison to the rest of the house. So really I mean normal sized for any house I could ever afford. Which is what was cool about them. I could totally see any normal person having a room like that, and it really showed the potential in average sized bedrooms.

Ok, enough rambling. Here are a couple of favs.

That horse one is a little too country-rustic to fly in my house, but I could totally see the appeal of it. Especially if you have kids who are into that kind of thing. Also, did you notice the large rulers in a couple of rooms? That is on my to-make list for sure. I’ve seen them on Pinterest and love the look, but now that I’ve seen a couple in person, it’s on. Also, did anyone catch the wall flowers in one of the little girls rooms in the gallery? Exactly like the ones in Vera’s room! I wasn’t crazy about them in that room exactly (I thought they were a little too modern for the antique furniture and mural style), but I was excited to see something else I own decorating the walls of one of the houses.

As far as other decor, the circus art in the nursery of one of the homes reminded me of some drawings I did in college that would make excellent nursery art additions to my Etsy shop. Note to self: find college work… Oh and I was drooling over that typography dresser. Where can I buy one please???

On the complete flip side of my earlier comment about realistic bedrooms, another very cool thing was the custom kids rooms in some of the houses.  Like the fish themed one above with an aquarium built into the wall. Or the four-sleeper with over sized book sculptures that served as stairs to reach the top bunks. There were definitely some creative rooms.

Now on to offices. There were some VERY cool ones. Some of them were too small to get a good shot of, but here’s what I did get.

Lots of chalkboards and interesting storage solutions. In one of them (the beauty and the beast house), they had framed book pages as artwork and I thought it was such a great inexpensive solution that anyone could do. I am also adding a penny counter to my must-try list. I can clearly envision it in my basement. :)

The organization area above is what a store bought version of my DIY hallway organization would look like (these are from Pottery Barn), and did you see the office with the bus scroll? I have to say though, that one isn’t nearly as cool as the ones my friend Jamie makes, which are hand-made and look very authentic. (I finally have one of my own, so I’ll show you that very soon!) The one here was just printed out large-scale.

And finally, a few ‘extra rooms’. This gallery will include randoms like pantries, mud rooms, closets and laundry rooms all smushed together so this post doesn’t go on for days. You’re welcome.


Wow. Looking at these again makes me wish I had a closet large enough to have it’s own washer and dryer. Or at least a pantry that requires a ladder. (I can probably do without the basketball court though. Haha.) But seriously, more than one house had those features! Something else I noticed though was that some of the houses had surprisingly inexpensive solutions throughout. In case you’re wondering what that gallery photo of the inside of a drawer is, I suspected that one of the closet storage systems was more Target and less custom, and I was right! Inside a drawer I found the assembly instructions that come with those inexpensive shoe shelves from Tar-jay. They just screwed them up on the wall and dressed them up with baskets for a custom look. Genius. Add it to the list!!

So what do you think? What is your favorite so far?? I’ll be back tomorrow with bathrooms and kitchens. :)

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