Street of Dreams: Kitchens & Bathrooms

Time for kitchen and bath goodness as we continue our virtual Street of Dreams mansion tour! And a few dining rooms too. And what the heck, a couple extra pantries that I missed yesterday. Let’s start with those!

Now you can see how I missed them. When sorting through nearly 300 photos, these two looked like kitchens! But nope. Pantry.

Speaking of kitchens, let’s move on. I should warn you that I’m not thrilled with these photos. Besides the fact that they are from my phone, kitchens are hard to photograph, because there is so much going on! Plus there were one million people who kept walking through. So I did my best, but sorry if a few are blurry. Hopefully you can still sense the awesomeness of the houses.

Some pretty awesome features here. As I said earlier this week, seeded and textured glass was very big in many of the houses. I also noticed that all of the kitchens except one were sporting dark cabinets. So despite all of blogland going white, I’m not totally off base with my dark cabinet color. ;) BTW, you can see exteriors and family rooms here, and bedrooms and bonus rooms here if you missed them.

PS~ Did you catch the water fountain? What??

On to the dining rooms:

I’ll only show a few of those, because there are a lot of bathrooms to get to. To give you some idea, one mansion has a lot of bathrooms and we toured eight of them. Let’s get to it! My favorites first, followed by a gallery of some others and some cool features.

I told you there were a lot of them. Some themes I noticed were an abundance of penny tile (love) and a lot of tile laid on a diagonal, which was interesting. There were also multiple types of tile in each room, and some were more creative than others. Like laying the shower tile vertically, or changing the grout color for accent tile.

And then there were some that were just different! Did you see the one with the bronze tree sculpture that came out of the ground, framed the vanity and mirror, and was also a light fixture? Wow. Oh and the dear head theme from yesterday’s bedrooms continued in at least one bathroom too.

Well, this post is pretty image-heavy again, so I’ll keep it text-light to save you too much scrolling and wrap this up here. What did you think? Of the kitchens and bathrooms, and of the whole tour? Awesome houses right? Not all were my style, but it was so much fun to get to see them all.

Thanks for touring with me, and have a great weekend!


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