Thanksgiving Wrap Up & Black Friday Goods

There is so much to be thankful in my life. I feel so blessed everyday for my family and friends, my home, our jobs, and everything that makes our life what it is. We spent Thursday with my in-laws and had a feast, as Brett’s dad is an excellent cook. Then Friday was spent at my mom’s house for even more turkey and stuffing. That night we visited my dad’s house and got to spend some time with my aunt and uncle. I don’t get to see them often, and they hadn’t met Vera yet, so it was a nice surprise to get to see them too. Brett is officially in the swing of basketball season now though (he’s a high-school coach), so we had to hurry back for his first game Saturday morning. But they won, so it’s all good! :)

I hope that all of you had a happy Thanksgiving holiday and a fun and safe black Friday if you braved the crowds and ventured out. I personally love black Friday (despite my sister’s unfounded aversion to it) and was out by 3:00am to hit up Gap and Babies ‘R Us. I didn’t feel too crazy though after I heard two different women say they’d been out since 10:00 the night before. Wowza. I’m not down with the crazy, but I think the trick is not to go out with a specific agenda. I won’t be fighting anyone for a cheap TV, I just like to find great deals. On a side note, isn’t it crazy how once you have a kid, shopping for them becomes so much more fun than shopping for yourself?

I originally went out in search of a new Christmas tree, but ended up with lots of other things and no tree. I was pretty happy with my haul though. Here’s what I ended up with (there is one big surprise at the end for mom and dad!):

First off a bunch of baby clothes. Naturally. Because I have a problem.

And then some new duds for the hub too. These came from Express, which was having a 40% off everything sale. He’s going to look so handsome in this! I also grabbed one shirt for myself here. The only thing I got just for myself all day. Something so wrong with that.

Babies ‘R Us had a great deal on diapers and wipes, so I grabbed a bunch of those. You can never have enough.

I’m pretty excited about this adorable snow suit from the Gap. Still deciding if I should wrap it or not. It might come down to whether or not we get snow before Christmas, haha. I doubt I could resist bundling her up in it if we do.

Probably my best deal of the day was on this big-girl car seat. I wasn’t specifically looking for one, but Vera is right on the edge of too big for her baby seat, so we really needed one. Babies ‘R Us had this guy on sale for $80 off and I snagged on right away. I was pretty proud of myself for actually getting one of the few they had on hand.

And finally, the biggest purchase of the day, an iPad!! For serious.

So to wrap that up, no new tree. It’s looking like my 40-year-old-hand-me-down-Charlie-brown-esq tree will be making at least one more holiday appearance. But we needed a new car seat and didn’t really need a new tree. I guess. We did, however, score a new iPad! Yippee!!! We’d been talking about getting one for Xmas already, so when we found out that the Apple store was having a one day sale on Friday, we pounced. If you’re a Mac addict like myself, you know sale prices are few and far between, so we were happy we could scoop this baby up! Now if I can just convince the hub to let me wrap it and save if for the next month…

Did anyone else get any good deals out there Friday? What was the best thing you came home with? And what time did you go out?



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