Thrift store adventures

So apparently when I published this last night, it did not really publish… forgive me. It was late.

We’re still in semi-crazy mode here. The hub and I were both running this past weekend, him to Detroit for a work trip, and me and Vera on a quick trip to my hometown to visit family and friends. Here’s my favorite shot from the weekend- shopping and thrifting with my favorite girl:

I didn’t end up coming home with anything from our thrift store trip but I did get a couple shots of some great antiques I was eying, if only I was really a hoarder like Brett likes to claim, lol. (I didn’t quite catch the name of the antique store- Cubby’s??, but I believe it was on 10th St. in Lincoln for any locals who might be curious.)

Wouldn’t these vintage hot/cold faucet handles make amazing towel hooks in a bathroom? I’m kind of regretting passing them up now that I see them again.

I also loved this collection of sparkly doorknobs. I passed again, but maybe next time around I’ll have to think about picking up a few to update our doors with? I think we could use the bling.

They also had about one million sweet antique doors all lined up in rows. I just got a pretty one from my dad (thanks Dad!) that I’ll show you later this week, so I wasn’t really in the market, but it never hurts to look. :)

Dania loved this antique fireplace mantle:

I was kind of entranced with all the lighting options going on. There were vintage chandeliers hanging from every rafter!

And even Vera found something she wanted to bring home:

It was her first real antique store trip (usually I like to go alone so she doesn’t accidentally break any expensive ‘pretties’) and she did so well! She didn’t try to grab anything even though the store was crammed full and she followed us around without trying to run off and hide in any of the million great hiding places in the maze of a building. I was a proud mama.

Hope you had a great weekend and are all set for a nice short week!

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