Triplet Tuesday: Emilia, William, and Jackson

Happy Triplet Tuesday! That’s right, we have our second-ever set of Triplets being featured. Emilia, William and Jackson are the offspring of Jason and Esther, who actually were not planning on having children at all, until the triplets surprised them. Can you imagine the shock?? Esther writes a blog about it all called Spontaneous Triplets. Go visit her! I’ll let Esther take it from here:

Do multiples run in your family?
Not the hereditary kind, no. I have identical cousins, but there’s no empirical support for the heritability of identical multiples. The conception of fraternal multiples is hereditary due to hyperovulation on the female’s side, but I don’t have fraternal multiples in my family…Yeah, we don’t get it either….

When did you find out you were expecting triplets and what was your reaction?
Jason and I only met each other 8 weeks prior to discovering the pregnancy. We fell in love and into a relationship instantly. I moved in with him after only 2 weeks(right about the time I got pregnant)! Still, being in a PhD program, I did not want a baby. At 32, I had never been pregnant before (using natural birth control methods in my relationships), and it seemed unlikely. When I found out I was indeed pregnant, I went to an ultrasound place to learn how far along I was, so I could consider my options. While I laid there on the table telling the technician how torn I was about being pregnant, she started saying very strange things to me (like God-has-a-plan type stuff), and making weird faces at the screen. She obviously saw the 2 sacs and 3 fetuses, but was not allowed to disclose that to me. Out of character, she told me to wait in the office while she personally called the doctor so I could get my results right then and there (Usually the doc calls with the results several hours later). My question of, “How far along am I?” was ignored, and instead she she said, “You’re having triplets.” I went into shock, panic; I did that thing where you crouch on the ground, putting your hand out for support. I was 6 weeks along.

How did you go about picking names?
When I first met Jason, I told him I did not want children. That way, if he did, he could decide to move on. He did, but he wanted to be with me, so he accepted my terms. Neither of us being baby people AT ALL, and we totally sucked at all baby-related-type stuff, right down to picking names. Because we had to come up with 6, we decided to use all family names, to narrow down the selection. We choose them within a day, and never questioned the decisions.

What is the hardest part about having triplets?
Some people’s total inability to understand how hard it really is for us, particularly other moms. They either think it must be really difficult, or that they could do it better. It’s always one or the other. For those who think they could do better (as in breastfeeding, cloth diapers, never letting babies cry, always holding them, ect…you know, things you would do with one), you need to have a lot of elements in place such as a helpful family close by, a nanny to work side-by-side with you if needed, and/or a prior singleton (for experience). Of course, we had none of these things.

What is your favorite part about having triplets?
I’m not religious, but come on, what are the odds of an unplanned pregnancy that results in triplets, no less? Another highly unusual thing was that I carried them into 38 weeks (I could have gone longer), w/o a single complication or bed rest. They all weighted around 6 lbs, and came home with us within 3 days. Everyday we can’t believe how lucky we are that they are perfect and healthy, w/o any of the problems most triplets deal with. To be surrounded by them, especially with the fascinating mixture of identicals with a fraternal, is still unbelievable. I really love watching them play together, and of course, my other favorite part is watching them get older, and further away from being babies. :)

What advice would you give to other parents of multiples?
I’ve been in several fb groups and triplet mom forums, and seen a lot of what other moms go through. Just knowing that, I would tell other MoMs to commit to crying-it-out early on, and stick to it. You would not believe how much these women suffer when help goes away, and babies are still waking all night long and skipping naps well into being a year old. Mom and dad can not enjoy the babies, they’re so unbelievably sleep-deprived. Then, in a desperate attempt to do what they wished they had done months ago, they might try CIO. But it’s pretty much too late, and the babies will cry for hours and hours, making themselves throw up.

How cute is that kid-train? Thanks again to Esther for answering some questions for us today! I know time is a luxury with three little ones to keep you busy, and it is appreciated. Make sure to swing by her blog, and have a great Tuesday!

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  • Beth

    Wow – what a story! This blows my mind…I had no idea that it was possible to have identical twins and a fraternal twin at once!!! Beautiful babies, and I love their names.


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