Twin Ahem.. Wednesday: Temporary Home

Dania here.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks around here. As previously mentioned, our house was up for sale, and it sold in less than two weeks! We are building a new home, but we didn’t want to begin construction until our house had sold. (No one needs the stress of two mortgages!) So we were pleasantly surprised that our house sold so quickly, and excited to begin building our new one. One small problem though… our new house will take 5-8 months to build, while in the meantime we are homeless… yea.

Solution? My father-in-law kindly offered to let us stay rent free at his lake home, which is just outside of Omaha. Not only did this take a huge weight off our shoulders and make the process a lot easier, it also will allow us to save quite a bit of money to put towards the new home. Although it will be a bit of a drive for Chad to work everyday (1 hour one way), I get to enjoy the whole summer vacation at the lake.  Who can complain about that?

Although our temporary home is furnished and beautiful, I will be glad to finish our new house and move into it. We will be at the lake for the next several months, but even so we didn’t want to bring very much with us. We packed almost everything into a storage unit, leaving out only the essentials and some clothing. This is a little inconvenient, and I suspect we will feel like guests in a hotel for the next half a year.

Since this will be our temporary home for a while, I think some pictures are in order. So here we go:


Hall to bedrooms.

Original A-Frame sunken living room with hidden loft.

Living room overlooking lake.

Dinning room to kitchen.

Deck and beach.

My garden.


There you go, a mini tour of the lake house aka our temporary home. Updates to come later on the construction of the new one. Hopefully breaking ground in the next two weeks. Also updates to come on the garden progress, which is really coming along!




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