Twin …day: Running on Fumes

Dania here.

Sorry for the late post. Things have been a bit crazy around here. Between school starting up again, volleyball season (I coach high school volleyball), and building the house, I barely have time to sit down at night. I underestimated how difficult it is to go from doing… not a lot during the day, to working 12-16 hour days every day. Leaving my house at 6:15 and getting home at 8 or 9 pm leaves not much time for checking the internet. Although it’s been an adjustment, I love what I do.

In other fun news, my sister-in-law had another baby yesterday so we have a new niece! All this excitement is my excuse. So sorry.

In house news updates, the foundation is poured, framing has started, and we finally have a floor!

I am glad to see real progress. I am looking forward to being able to move in, currently mostly because I don’t enjoy getting up so early and driving so far in to work. That being said, it’s time for me to head to bed.






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