Twin Tuesday: Anniversary of Dwight

Dania here.

It’s Valentine’s day, and I will be spending the evening with  my Valentine, Chad, eating a heart shaped pizza and homemade brownies. This year I got a new swimming suit for Valentine’s day (which I am not prepared to model) which I bought myself and told Chad was my gift. I figured this was a good investment, since I will have all summer off and a lake house to hang out at.

Although this is an awesome gift, Valentine’s day is the anniversary of the best gift I’ve ever gotten, my kitty, Dwight. Three years ago Chad and I went and picked out our kitten from the Humane Society. We saw several cats and kittens before we found Dwight. His name was Bob on his tag, which is Chad’s dad’s name. For this reason alone Chad liked him. We took him into the sitting room to see how he liked us. He curled up on Chad’s lap, rolled onto his back, and stretched to be petted. He started purring immediately. We knew right away he was the one for us. He was such a loving cuddly little guy that we had to have him. He was six months old at the time, so not a full kitten, but still fairly young. He came home with us that day.

Since my father-in-law’s name is Bob, we decided we had to change the name. Dwight was suggested by my brother, who is obsessed with the TV show The Office. We thought it was cute, so Dwight Bob Freudenburg was adopted.

Dwight has become a full fleged member of the family. He sleeps at my feet every night, drinks out of his own water glass, and likes to watch animal planet. When he was diagnosed with genetic periodontal disease and had to have all his teeth pulled, Chad told him not to worry,we we would get him fixed, and he would still look ferocious. Aside from sitting like a little man and thinking he owns the place, he also enjoys playing fetch with hair ties.

Although he is generally very friendly, he does not get along with his cousins Lucious (the cat), Vera, or Addison. He seems to have a thing against children. Perhaps he was once wronged by a small person. He growls, hisses, and hides in terror whenever the girls visit, but we are working on that. In the meantime, my little guy is still my favorite gift ever. He is always excited to see me, and always keeps me entertained. So happy anniversary little guy!

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