Twin Tuesday: Auntie Amazing

Dania here.

I love my nieces to pieces, but ask me if I want my own baby, and the answer is NO! I’ve got stuff to do. I have never been the one to comment on how adorable small children are. I am a believer that they should neither be seen nor heard (Arrested Development joke). I am usually silently rolling my eyes while people are cooing over toddlers and how adorable their drool and racket is. In general I find two children cute, my own nieces. I much prefer my high school students to infants any day.

Being an aunt, however, is the coolest. I get to buy presents, sneak sweets, and snuggle with the little tots without having to listen to them scream at 3:00 a.m. I especially love the look on little V’s face when she sees me, because it seems like she thinks I’m mom 2.0 for a minute. We look similar. My other niece, on the hub’s side, is getting better at talking and I love hearing ‘Aunt Dania’ come from her mouth. I get to fix her hair, play dress up, and teach her how to use electronics without her parents permission.

I get almost all the experiences of parenthood, without any of the nasty side effects. I pop in and out to sneak visits. I get in as much babysitting as I choose to volunteer my free time for. I get to witness birthday parties and holidays, and I am always the first one to get to hold my nieces at such events. At the end of the day, however, I get to come home and sit on my couch in my pj’s, whilst the parents are entertaining children on sugar highs.

While my sister and sister-in-law may envision cousins for their offspring, I can ‘t begin to think about being a mom. Luckily, Chad and I are on the same page in this regard for the time being. One of both of us may change our minds, but likely not soon. Before I am Mom, I plan on being Dania, PhD. So, in conclusion aunts are the best, especially me. I will leave you with this thought…


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