Twin Tuesday: Back to School

Dania here.

My much enjoyed summer vacation came to an end today as I returned to work to begin another school year. The students won’t actually join us for another couple weeks, but it’s time to start getting back into the routine of things again.

Don’t feel bad for me though. I am looking forward to beginning the new school year. I am a nerd at heart and I have always enjoyed going back to school. I love school supply shopping, what can I say? Dawn and I once held a 40 minute conversation about which Sharpie pen is the best Sharpie pen. It would be cooler if I was kidding…

Anywho, here are a few of the things I have picked up for the upcoming school year. I am sure I will grab a few more supplies because I am addicted to pens and paper, but it’s a start.

Sharpie Addiction


Essentials for teachers, but fun for all! Well, I have a busy night and will be early to bed since I actually have a schedule to keep again. Hope you all enjoy the upcoming school year!


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