Twin Tuesday: Black Friday Nonsense

Dania here.

I really just don’t get this black Friday nonsense. What is the deal with people staying up all night and/or getting up in freezing temperatures just to battle crowds, frustration, and turmoil? Shopping is by far one of my favorite hobbies (just ask my husband) and yet I would NEVER partake in this ‘tradition’. Shopping should be fun, relaxing, and possibly involve a hot beverage. It should not involve pushing old women out of your way to get the last cheap off brand TV from the shelf.

While others are out fighting the battle, I will be soundly sleeping in a warm cozy bed. I will do my shopping on my own time, and enjoy every second of my Friday in pajamas with leftover turkey sandwiches. For those of you out shopping though, stay tuned for my x-mas list to come in the near future!


  • Stephanie

    I agree (especially about the hot beverage part, right on!) However, I will be one of “those” mommas lined up outside of Babies R Us to buy 5 dollar diapers, because honestly, 5 dollars vs 30 for a pack of diapers is simply awesome, no matter the pushing and other bs. 

    • Dawn Sailors

      I’ll be in line as well. I don’t like the crazy, but I love a good deal!!


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