Twin Tuesday: Books 4 Lyfe!

Hi, I’m Dania! I am Dawn’s slightly more outspoken, significantly less artistic sibling. I’m excited to be contributing to the blog, and I will be here, every other week, with random insights into very, very serious subjects. Today I’d like to delve into something I have been debating over for quite some time now… books verses e-readers.

The e-reader seems to be the ‘cool’ new thing lately, and all around me I see people using them and seemingly loving them. They are a convenient way to carry an entire library around in a purse, they always hold your page for you, and they make buying a new book as fast as a few taps of the fingers. You can use them in the sun, look like a techy, and even accessorize the covers to match your attitude (or outfit if you choose). E-readers are a greener option to printing thousands of books, and that’s awesome.

I appreciate technology. I try to embrace this time we live in and all the inventions and updates that make it so interesting. I love knowing that the things we think are amazing today will be enhanced, improved, and advanced within a year or two. I carry a smart phone, use a lap-top computer, bank online… but books?? Books??

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I don’t have an e-reader… and, here’s why. For me, nothing can replace the aesthetics of a book. The feel of opening a hardcover for the first time, the weight of a 400 pager, the beautiful designs of the cover, the way they look stacked on my shelves, bookcases, coffee table, night stand, etc. But most importantly for me… the smell. I adore the smell of new books, old book, and especially library books.

In addition to the above mentioned, there is also the thrill of visiting a book store or library. Nothing draws me in quite like stacks and stacks of possibilities. So many worlds, so many thoughts, so many options. I can (and do) spend hours reading book jacket summaries or searching for hidden works of art. Or thrifting through an antique store for an amazing find. Anyone can download a classic, but not everyone can find an original print.  All that joy is simply lost while at home on my computer.

So while I can appreciate the e-readers and all they offer, I love my books. That being said, I am asking for a Kindle for Christmas this year,


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