Twin Tuesday: A Wishlist

Dania here.

I love giving Christmas gifts. I enjoy watching people open something that I have put a lot of thought into, and seeing their reactions. I also love getting gifts. (Who doesn’t, really?!) I hate, however, telling people to buy me things. I hate when someone asks what I want for Christmas. I mean, it’s awkward. How expensive a gift should I suggest? Yet, I also dislike getting things I really don’t want or need. What am I going to do with bubble bath? I hate baths. Why can’t people just know exactly what I want without asking?! ;)

So in an effort to make Christmas shopping easier, for me and perhaps other women on your Christmas list, I have put together a Christmas wish list. I tried to incorporate a variety of price ranges. The items below are not necessities, but fun frivolities. I mean, who wants things they NEED for Christmas. That’s no fun at all.

1. Kindle Touch – the battery lasts longer than the new Fire, and if I wanted a notebook tablet I would get one. I want an ereader.

2. Ugg Slippers – Comfy but with hard soles to wear outdoors.

3. Philosophy Hope in a Jar

4. Clarisonic Mia – I’ve heard great things.

5. Ugg Bailey Button Boots

6. Kate Spade Kindle Cover

7. The North Face Women’s Khumbu Jacket – so warm and cozy.

8. Yankee Candle Home for the Holidays – my newest scent obsession from Yankee.

9. Ugg Bettey Clogs – (Yes I have a problem.)

10. Sephora Only Gold for Me

These are just a few of the things on my wish list. Don’t try to surprise me. Christmas is coming, people. Buy me stuff.

Happy Holidays!!

– Dania


  • Dania

    I know. I thought of you while typing. But tell me you wouldn’t wear those slippers!

  • Akanksha

    I cannot believe you and I are still friends after the amount of Uggs you put in one post.


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