Twin Tuesday: DIY Dania

Dania here.

I am not the extreme do-it-yourselfer that my sister is, but I do get her help on a few smaller projects here and there. Her house is literally like my own personal craft store/home improvement store. I just go through the shelves and take what I need. It’s pretty convenient really. Anyway, I am currently working to decorate my in-laws recently acquired lake house. It is a work in progress, and will take a while. However, anytime I see something that will work, I try to pick it up. You may recall my small table makeover from a few months ago, which also ended up out there.

Most recently I have been looking for a mirror for our bedroom at the lake house. I could not find what I wanted, which was something very simple, in the price range I wanted to spend, which was not very much. Finally, I saw this mirror at Goodwill for $9.99, which came to a whopping $8.49 after my teacher discount. (Jealous of the savings? Kidding.) Deal!

While Dawn, Brett, and my dad were busy doing manual labor yard work, I helped myself to Dawn’s stock pile of supplies, and got to work on refinishing the mirror. And sorta kept an eye on Vera…

I sanded it down, wiped it off, and then got to work painting it white.

The finished product turned out pretty well, and the total out of pocket cost (for me anyway) was $8.49.

The size and simplicity is exactly what I was looking for for the space. The dresser under the mirror is an old hand-me-down from my husband’s grandfather. That is also on my list of projects, but it may be more than a one afternoon kind of make over. .

For now I am happy with my little project, and will keep working on the rest of the house. More photos to come in the future!



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