Twin Tuesday: DIY Holidays

Dania here.

Christmas is coming!! Yes, I am one of those people who gets way too excited about Christmas way too early. Once November hits, I check out this website at least twice a week just to keep myself in check:

Hopefully you can get some use out of it also. If not then, like me, you can begin thinking about holiday gifts. Lately I have been Pinning several ‘home made’ gift ideas. I love to shop, and the malls during the holidays are amazing! However, funds are always tight around this time, and more so this year with a new house purchase coming up. That being said, I am considering trying to make a few gifts this year.

Homemade gifts can be fun, thoughtful, and unique. Here are a few of my favorite Pintrest ideas that I may give a try this winter. They are all linked to directions for your browsing convenience.

The homemade pillow: write something personal for each recipient, wedding song lyrics, a favorite poem, or a great quote.


Cookie jars: I actually made these last year and gave them to coworkers. They were a big hit. Everyone loves an easy cookie, especially around the holidays! And these look so cute.


Chalkboard trays: Chalkboards as decorative accents have been all over lately. How easy and cute would these little boards look on a shelf or near a Holiday table?


Check out my Pintrest boards for more homemade gift ideas. I can hardly wait for Christmas break so I can get started on my little projects!! As for family and friends, I leave you with this thought…

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