Twin Tuesday: Halloween Hippie

Dania here.

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween. I have nothing against other people dressing up, and I usually find it somewhat amusing. However, I have yet to find a costume that I didn’t feel like a complete idiot in. Last Saturday, however, my husband insisted we attend a Halloween party that one of his co-workers was throwing. Thus began the hunt for costumes.

Have you seen the price of Halloween costumes lately?! Let’s all agree it’s ridiculous to spend $50 for a piece of felt that you will wear one time. After a week of brainstorming and one afternoon of shopping, Chad and I decided to dress up as hippies. It’s easy, it’s funny, yet not so out there that I felt silly all night. No wigs or face paint involved.

In preparation for my first costume in 7 years, I called on the expertise of Dawn, the costume extraordinaire. Although she told me, “You know that I’m trying really hard to care about your costume problem, but I just don’t,” she graciously volunteered her time to help me peruse thrift stores in search of ‘hippie clothes’ for me and the hubs.  I found lots of sweet threads for Chad, but turns out everything I needed was in Dawn’s closet. No joke, everything I’m wearing is in Dawn’s daily wardrobe. Go figure.

In the end, I came up with some pretty sweet costumes. Some of the older-than-me people at the party actually told us we looked extremely authentic! What a compliment!! Although I can’t say I’m completely sold on Halloween, I did have a pretty good time. I’ll consider next year…



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