Twin Tuesday: Harrison & Huntleigh

Happy Twin Tuesday! Todays featured twins are Harrison and Huntleigh, the son and daughter of Kristy and Matt. Kristy documents their twindom on her blog, Vintage Momma and Her Twins, and also runs an Etsy shop with her sister, Shelly, called BasilBerry Designs selling custom onesies made for twins. Great idea, right? I’ll let Kristy tell you a little more about her babies:


Do twins run in your family?
We do have a set of boy/girl twins on my side of the family which were a huge surprise since my cousin didn’t know she was having twins until very late in her pregnancy. For us however, I was on fertility medication that increased the chance of twins…and we were blessed with a precious baby boy and girl!


When did you find out you were expecting twins and what was your reaction?
We had several Dr. visits before our first ultrasound…we knew since I was on fertility medication we had a chance it could be multiples, but so happy to be pregnant we just wanted a healthy baby! At 8 weeks pregnant, the ultrasound day came…and our sweet Dr. said, “Look here is a baby and took a deep breath and said oh, here is another baby”! Tears ran down Matt and I’s face, I just kept looking at the screen and said, “God is so Good!” There is no words to explain how happy, excited, and blessed we felt that day…


How did you go about picking names?
A long story short….Matt and I had the names of our babies picked out years before we were even thinking of starting a family. We had shared those names with our families and several years later during a family visit we discovered Matt’s brother and sister in-law was planning on using the same name as we were. Much to our despise we decided to not name our little boy that name as we could not bare the thought of having more than one “Hunter” in the family. After I became pregnant we knew we wanted our child to have an “H” name so we wrote down “H” names for both a boy and a girl…not knowing we were having twins.

Harrison Parker Hughes and Huntleigh Paige Hughes….same initials, and 20 letters in each name!! We wanted them to have big, bold names to give them strong personalities! We had Harrison Parker and Huntleigh picked out before we knew were having a boy and a girl, so when it was confirmed a boy and a girl we had to find Huntleigh a middle name and of course one starting with a “P”…it took me 5 seconds to look in the name book at the “P” names when I knew it was Paige. There so many different ways to spell Huntleigh but we picked this spelling not only because we liked it but it gave each twin 20 letters in their name. Yes, you can say what you want…I was on bed rest most of my pregnancy so I had alot of time to think about their names!! They are almost one now and we still introduce them as Harrison Parker and Huntleigh Paige…my sister, Shelly always makes fun of us and wants us to just call them by their first names. We will…just not right now!!!


What is the hardest part about having twins?
For Matt and I, being older parents and never having children we don’t know any different! We actually think it is easier than having a singleton, and often think we would be bored with just one! We love having twins and find them very enjoyable! We have amazing babies that have slept through the night since they were 6 weeks old and have ever since! We live our life on a budget and I will say there has been a few months where our budget was “busted” due to buying formula, diapers, and baby food for the twins!! I wouldn’t consider this hard, just something we had to work through!!


What is your favorite part about having twins?
God blessed us with twins and we will forever be grateful for them! Our lives have changed forever, and we wouldn’t change it for anything! They are the shine in our sunshine, they are the happiness in our smiles, and they are the joy in our tears, they are ours forever!!

Thanks again to Kristy for answering some twin questions for us! Make sure to visit her blog to get to know these cuties better. Have a happy Tuesday!


  • Hailey

    Expecting and the name Huntleigh has been on my list since driving through Huntleigh MO. What other ways have you seen it spelt??

    • Dawn Sailors

      A beautiful name! I’ve never seen another spelling for it, but I don’t think it’s very common. Congrats on your upcoming new arrival!

  • Andie Bsse

    my daughters name is huntleigh noella, i always wondered if she was going to like huntleigh and thought she could go by noel or noella if she didnt but she loves her name still she is 5

    • Dawn Sailors

      That’s great that she likes her name! It’s such a unique but pretty name for a little girl. :)

  • heatherdoldersum

    Great blog & loved reading about Kristy’s family!! Great choice & such wonderful people.~Heather Doldersum

  • JoRie

    Okay, so how many times do I have to hear my childhood best friend’s story before it will stop bringing tears to my eyes. I know you think God Blessed you with twins, but those twins are blessed to have you and Matt!!!!!  xoxo JoRie

  • Vintagemommaandhertwins

    Dawn…thank you so much for sharing our story!!

    Vintage Momma


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