Twin Tuesday: Jonathan and Faith

Hi there and happy Tuesday (yes it its Tuesday, even though it feels like Friday with the holiday tomorrow). Today’s featured twins are Jonathan and Faith, the son and daughter of Krissy and Jay. These five year old twins are adorable, and their photographer mom captured their personalities so well in these awesome photos she sent! Don’t you think so? Make sure to read their answers to their favorite and least favorite part of being twins and you’ll see what I mean. So funny! You can check out Krissy’s photography website at by the way. So talented! Anyway, back to the twins, I’ll let Krissy take it from here:

Do twins run in your family?
No. But they do run in our fertility clinic! My husband and I have always been very open about our struggle to have children. We are incredibly blessed to have Jonathan and Faith in our lives!

When did you find out you were expecting twins and what was your reaction?
We knew extremely early. When you go through infertility treatments you have your HCG levels checked on day 14 post ovulation and day 16. Our numbers increased so dramatically that we suspected twins. When we had an ultrasound at 5 weeks, our suspicions were confirmed and we both just smiled at each other, feeling flooded by peace and excitement.

How did you go about picking names?
Our children were named before they were conceived. I prayed for them by name often, asking God to grant us with a son named Jonathan or a daughter named Faith. When we were feeling very bold we prayed for both!

What is the hardest part about having twins?
The hardest part about having twins has got to be the double sleep deprivation in the newborn stage. The military uses sleep deprivation as a torture tactic for a reason! Whew that was tough!

What is your favorite part about having twins?
There are more things than I can count…but having two little hands clutching mine when we go for a walk has got to be right at the top of my list.

What advice would you give to other parents of twins?
Don’t worry about trying to enjoy every moment. That simply isn’t possible. When the stomach flu hits your duo, that is not enjoyable. Neither are teething toddlers. Or crazy diaper “painting” episodes. But if you can learn to see past the workload and see the amazing gift of having children to care for…then you can really enjoy most of the moments minus the guilt of not loving EVERY moment!

And since your kids are of answering age :) I’d love to know their favorite and least favorite part of being twins.

Faith’s answers: “My favorite part of being a twin is that we get to go to fun places.”
“The thing I don’t like about being a twin is sometimes we argue.”

Jonathan’s answers: “My favorite part of being a twin was being in mama’s tummy together.”
“The thing I don’t like about being a twin is looking the same.”-This is pretty funny because they have only started looking like siblings in the past year!

Share something fun/interesting about you guys?
So often when I am out and about and people hear that I had twins, they ask for the birth details, expecting a NICU stay, low birth weights, etc. For any expectant twin parents out there, know that a normal, healthy, complication-free pregnancy with twins IS possible. I can’t claim to know why I had such a great pregnancy, but my kids were delivered at 39 weeks via scheduled c-section, as they were both breech. Jonathan weighed 7lbs 12 oz’s and Faith weighed 6lbs 12 oz’s. There were no health problems, no NICU time, they came home with me and that is our wonderfully simple story! The only thing I think I did that might have helped with their great weights was gain 24 lbs by 24 weeks, as recommended by the March of Dimes. My regular ob didn’t tell me to do this, but I read that early weight gain in pregnancy was expecially helpful when carrying multiples, and it worked for us. (As a side note, I was a 4lbs 2 oz preemie born at 32 weeks and lifeflighted to a bigger hospital immediately after birth. And I have no side effects from being born early and small!)

I think my favorite part of that interview was Jonathan’s favorite part of being twins. Too adorable. And don’t you love the fourth-themed photos. What a perfect feature for this holiday week! Thanks again Krissy for taking time out to answer questions for us and for letting me feature you guys! Make sure you check out Krissy’s site, especially if you are looking for a good photographer in the Pittsburgh area.

Have a great day!

Are you a twin? Are you a mom to twins? Do you have friends who are awesome twins? I want to hear about it!! If you want to be featured on twin Tuesday or know some twins who should be, please click here to email me a photo that you don’t mind sharing and I’ll email you back a little questionnaire to get to know you better.

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