Twin Tuesday: Josephine and Nixon

Happy Twin Tuesday! Today’s featured twins are Josephine and Nixon. Mom, Carly, documents the daily fun with her babes and hubs on her blog, the The Johnston Diaries. I’ll let Carly take it from here:

Do twins run in your family?
Twins do run in my family! It was always my dad’s joke for me to have twins {I was an easy babe but not such an easy teen} and he got his wish!

When did you find out you were expecting twins and what was your reaction?

We found out we were having twins after our initial pregnancy confirmation with my ob. I had to see a different doctor in my normal ob’s office and she had mentioned that I had a blood clot behind my babe {Nixon} I had an appointment to try out another doctor in the hospital I wanted to deliver in & the sonogram tech was really hesitant and said she found another sac and baby {said blood clot} but didn’t think there was a heartbeat…after a couple of tense moments J’s heartbeat was found and was just as strong as Nixon’s. My husband wasn’t even with me because we just thought it was a routine beginning appointment, so my mom tagged along. I called my husband as soon as I was out and all I had to say was, “Guess what”.. and he knew, twins!

How did you go about picking names?

I had names chosen from the beginning. The hubs wanted to wait until we found out the sex, but Josephine is the hubs grandmothers name and McKay {middle name} is my dads middle name. Nixon is one of the hubs favorite brands to be honest and it was unique and we just loved it, Neil {middle name} is the hubs dads name. We were in the car when we had just left the sex reveal ultrasound and the hubs just turned to me and said their names!

What is the hardest part about having twins?

The hardest part is when both are upset and I am with them alone, or just feeling like you aren’t spending the quality time with each. As a mom, you just want to cuddle both and spend time with each one. It is hard. I rotate each night with the hubs on who we have and I try to spend as much time with each one and cherish those moments.

What is your favorite part about having twins?
Going through stages together and seeing how different their personalities are. I don’t know any different, these were our first children, so learning as quickly as possible with both!

What advice would you give to other parents of twins?
Enjoy it and become creative! Don’t stress and invest in two of everything :)

So cute. Biiiigggg stttrrretches! Thanks again to Carly for taking the time to answer questions for us today! Make sure to hop over and visit her and her adorable family at The Johnston Diaries. Have a great day!

Are you a twin or multiple? Are you a mom (or dad) to twins or multiples? I want to feature you! Email me or click here for more info.


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