Twin Tuesday: Just the beginning

Dania here.

Indeed it is true. The husband and I have decided to build a new house. We had been considering moving for a long time, and looking at real estate for longer. I wanted an old house, he wanted a brand new one. I wanted a two-story, he wanted a ranch. We just could not seem to agree on a compromise. In the end, he has convinced me to see things his way. His dream has been to build a home on a golf course… so we finally decided to make it happen.

Once we decided on a builder, we debated a floor plan. There was a lot to consider, two-story, one story, how many bedrooms, layout, etc. It’s amazing how much planning goes into a house. Everything from each light to where your outlets are requires thought, and of course money. In the end I compromised again on a ranch style. I do love the two-story, but the home we decided on is beautiful, and I figure after all these compromises he owes me. Next we began looking at available lots. As I said, he wanted to be on a golf course, and who can really object to that? We finally found one in our price range that we really love.

Now we need to get our current house sold. We just listed it a few days ago, and have already had good traffic. Once sold, we may be spending several months at his family’s lake house while our new one is under construction.

I can’t object to spending my summer vacation on the water, this will give me plenty of time to work on my interior decorating projects and my summer garden. However, we are hoping to be in the new house by next fall.

This is of course only the beginning of what is sure to be a long process. Although I am sure I will be ready for it to be over quickly, it is exciting to be starting a new project. More updates to come!


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