Twin Tuesday: My New Digs

Dania here.

A while back (about 8 months ago to be exact) my husband and I decided to make a move. We had looked for a new house for quite a while, but just couldn’t find what we were looking for. After lots of thought, we decided to build a new home. We put our house on the market, and sold it two weeks later! From there it seemed like a whirl-wind of packing, decisions, looking at lots, and once all that was done…. waiting. Waiting for a new house to be built is not easy, especially for me. Patience is NOT my strong suit.

However, finally, after what seems like forever… OUR HOUSE IS DONE!! It has been a crazy couple of weeks preparing to move again, but we are excited (as you can perhaps tell from the capital letters…)With packing, finishing up the semester at school, and Christmas coming up, time is flying by. We close at the end of this week. After that I will have more updated photos of the completed project and so. For now though, here are a few snapshots of our finished (but empty) house!


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