Twin Tuesday: Run

Dania here.

Over the past couple of years I have become a ‘runner‘. I never used to like to run, and in fact I would avoid it at all costs. I was inspired, however, to take up the hobby and I came to love it. Well, love it as much as one can. I think running is always a love-hate relationship. But I digress.

Once school started, it became difficult for me to keep up with this time-consuming hobby. I was working full time again and coaching volleyball for a new school on top of it. After a 12-16 hour day 6 days a week, (and ALL 12 of those spend on my feet) the last thing on my mind was running.

So alas, I pushed running to the side for a bit. Volleyball has ended now and I have no excuses. I have begun running again, but it seems much harder than I remember. Turns out, it is difficult to get back into a habit.

Not only can I not run as far/long as I once could, I am finding myself less motivated. With that in mind, I have once again begun Pinning inspiration to get out there.

If you need inspiration, you can follow me on Pintrest. I will try to inspire the both of us. But let’s remember that running isn’t easy. It’s hard.

So while I begin working my way back up to my half-marathon endurance, I won’t take it too seriously right away. After all, even running  a mile is better than nothing at all. Every time I want to stop, though, I think of one of my favorites motivational/inspirational running quotes.


But if I do need to stop, I will just try to look pensive…

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