Twin Tuesday: Still Obsessed

Dania here.

A while ago I mentioned my slight obsession with candles. It’s true. I have too many. I have so many candles, they deserved their own boxes when we moved houses. That’s right… boxes…plural. Each season I put away certain fragrances and pull out others. I think each season has certain scents that really capture the feeling of that time of year.

Although I am always trying new flavors (as my mother calls them), I do have my favorites for each season. Seeing as I am a candle expert (self -proclaimed, naturally) I thought I would share my summer recommendations. All courtesy of Yankee Candle of course.  Each of these scents invokes a memory of childhood summers for me, which is why I love them. However, not only are they all spectacular on their own, together they create a true summer atmosphere! Trust me I have done the research. So here they are.

Garden Hideaway: This smells like a combination of freshly cut grass and sweet garden flowers. Truly beautiful, very fresh.

Tulips: The smell of sweet tulips makes me feel like I have fresh flowers in the house even when I don’t!

Cherry Lemonade: This doesn’t need explanation. Lemonade is a summer classic and a sweet cherry on top makes it even better.

Sun & Sand: Truly one of my favorites for summer. It reminds me a bit of sunblock, flowers, and the beach. As a former lifeguard (and child) there is no better connotation of summertime. This is a must have.

There you have it, my top four. Burn them in different rooms of your house and see how the scents combine to form a perfect summertime extravaganza. Seriously.

It is hard to narrow down my favorites. If none of the above sound appealing, I also suggest trying Lemon Lavender, Fluffy Towels, or Fruit Fusion. I have tried and loved these all as well, although they don’t mix quite as well with the others.

If you have favorites you think I need to try, please share! You know I will be all over the semi-annual clearance sale at Yankee Candle, as they are my favorites. But my obsession extends to all brands or products, so expand my horizons. Enjoy!


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