Twin Tuesday: Teacher Threads

Dania here.

I have fond memories of my old teachers wearing twin-sets, sweaters covered in turkeys or pumpkins, and very comfortable (if unattractive) footwear. As a teacher myself, it is a mission of mine to present a more ‘modern’ version of teacher-wear. While we are required to present a slightly more conservative attire than other professions may be, teachers are not restricted from basic style. With this in mind, I thought I would do my own outfit post – teacher edition.


Although I do wear heels to work quite often, when you are on your feet all day, flats are always more comfortable. Is there a cuter flat right now than a pair of Tom’s?? The black sparkles give these enough ‘pizzaz’ to feel dressy, while still basically being canvas sneakers.

The Banana Republic pants are comfy with a modern cut, and a basic black sweater from Gap is a fall go to. Most people who know me know that I always top my outfits with a scarf. They are soft, cozy, adorable, and for someone who is always cold, they are an essential. I love scarves. (Once a student called me the ‘scarf lady”… that’s another story.) This one is a neutral Calvin Klein, so soft and perfect for cool fall days.

There you have it, a simple fall outfit that can withstand the scrutiny of 150 teenagers a day.


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