Twin Tuesday: Virginia & Pearleen

For this first Twin Tuesday feature, I’m going to do things a little differently. Normally, I’ll be posting in Q&A format and let the twins (or their moms/dads) do the talking.

This week though I decided to start with some memories of my favorite set of twins. These women have taught me more than almost anyone I know and have meant more to me than I can easily express, but I’ll try.

Growing up, Virginia and Pearleen were our next door neighbors for almost 17 years until we moved to the small town I went to high-school in. Neither ever married, and they lived together in the town they were born in for their whole lives. They dressed the same every single day, no matter if they were going to work (at the same job) or going out to do chores in the yard. I never knew then how old they were, because they seemed so energetic, but they were old enough to be grandparent age to me and my sister and brother and that was what we thought of them as.

My real grandparents were all distant in various ways- some by geography, some by mental state, and some had passed away, but having these two special ladies in my life made up for that tenfold. In fact, most of our friends just assumed that they were related to us because we were always so close.

They took a special liking to my sister and I, and we were at their house every single day. They picked us up from school and watched us till my parents got home. On the weekends we would have sleep-overs at their house where they would teach us to bake and play piano, read us stories and let us play with their vintage record player (just like this one!). They took us to the park and babysat our pets when we were out of town and so much more. They have been to every family Christmas, birthday, thanksgiving, Easter, school function and sporting event, etc for as long as I can remember and even before that I’m sure.

Sadly, Pearleen passed away from Alzheimer’s almost two years ago. For the last years of her life, Virginia took care of her sister selflessly, refusing to abandon her to a nursing home. It was the most beautiful expression of love I have ever seen or likely will again and was just one more lesson from these two about the importance of family love and dedication. I know that Virginia misses Pearleen everyday. Can you imagine losing someone who has been by your side daily for 82 years? But I am so thankful that Virginia is still here to be the most amazing great-grandma to Vera. If you saw my post from a few days ago, you caught a glimpse of her love for my daughter, and ours for her.

Every time I see her (as often as I can) she has a pack of diapers ready for me. Just to help out. My parents said that her and Pearleen gave them diapers weekly when my sister and I were babies too. Being financially burdened by very unexpectedly having twins, it really helped my parents out at the time and I like to think that this is Virginia’s way of connecting Vera to Pearleen by carrying on a tradition like that.

I can’t express enough how much I love these two ladies and I’m so thankful to have had them as my adopted grandmas.

If you are a twin, or mom to twins or multiples, or have a special set of twins in your life that you’d like to share, email me! I’d love to feature you.



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